Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a new day

Hi all, so we got up rather early this morning. Don't really understand why, but the kid decided he HAD to get out of bed, and sit at the table and cry because he felt so yucky, since it was not quite morning yet. Hmmm, reasoning with him didn't seem to have any effect, so we all had a long morning - before work. 2:00 this afternoon in front of Autocad is going to be interesting.

So, we have been up to something! DH and I have plans for mammacomic and we have started on them. He wants to flex his muscles at web design and I want to do more drawing, so Im trying to get some comics done for a website. I got to writing some, and Ive started drawing. Thing is I don't want to post them till the website is ready, so you all have to wait. This is just a teaser.

On top of that we haven't been up to too much. I have been looking at some montessori books again. My friend and I are thinking of making some packages of resources for people to rent who want activities for their kids. We are having a hard time finding good resources for little kids, so we thought we'd make some. Also maybe order some from Europe for the rental as well, as we all cant afford to buy those lovely wooden toys, that are oh so precious.

So, since the drawing I am doing is for the website I have to come up with other pics for the blog. So here is a sunny creative moment from a few weeks ago. I'll have to take more pics now!

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