Friday, May 02, 2008

home made pizza

Well, there are a few great things about pizza. The first being that Marcel will eat pretty much anything if it is on a pizza. (hence the asparagus in the pic...I loved it, but then I love asparagus on anything, DH wasn't so sure...) We discovered that the bread recipe we use makes amazing pizza. Er, sorry, refer to this post about our bread...

Anyways, the dough makes a great pizza shell..., just roll it out and put on the toppings, and cook on high for ten minutes. This is the best quick dinner! We just keep some tomato paste around - but when we run out, we use up the jars of salsa instead. And we put anything on it - I've been known to throw on yams, left over pork, misc. vegges from the fridge. It all goes great when smothered in mozza cheese and tomato sauce! Luckily I have a kid who is a good sport about these things, and is still too young to know that normal pizza doesn't come with last nights dinner on it!

So thats the pizza story. The other good thing about it is how quick it is to make. Its one of those things that we fall back on when we haven't really got something ready for dinner, and we get home from work exhausted...just throw together a pizza and voila! dinner! - The other awesome thing is that Marcel can really help with it. He helps roll the dough, and I chop all the toppings and let him spread them all over. He usually even gets the cheese on before realizing that he could just eat it as is!

OK, there's my arguments for pizza. Now Im craving some...

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