Monday, July 28, 2008

Our favorite Place

Ahh, it is so nice to have a place that just is summer. And to have it in your own city. We went here last year too, And all winter I dreamed of the creek, the ice cream, the bike rides...and finally we have been able to go back. With the extended winter, with my exams, and with the craziness of life we've only been there twice this summer, but after a lovely walk this morning and treats with G'ma, I am making a vow to visit atleast once, (or twice) a week, till the snow flies. Annies cafe, sadly only open during the summer months is a dose of joy, and I just finally feel like Ive landed when we go there. It smells like my Great Aunt's cottage by the lake, and is wonderful in summer and in the rain. If you life in Caglary and havnt visited this treasure - please make an effort and go!!!
Im enjoying my days with my son, being a mom of only one, for a couple more weeks...

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Kirstin said...

Thanks for the reminder of a lovely part of our city. :)