Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This one is my thinking that in some sort of ideal future we could live really close to wilderness, and have a symbiotic relationship where we figure out how all living things can benefit. (Or I just want to have really big trees in my yard...) On this topic there was a show on the CBC today about the people in Canmore, Alberta meeting to discuss how to live with the cougars that share the valley. It would be cool if cities or villages could butt up against wilderness and understand the needs of wilderness so much that it would not be a threat as in the past, but a neighbour or a partner, that thrives under our guardianship, and also provides us with what we need to flourish. That's my thinking anyways. Idealistic? I should hope so!

So, Emery has an ear infection. Marcel never had one, so I wasn't prepared. I think it may have been bothering him the past few nights, but I didn't know what it was. Poor little guy. We are giving homeopathy, nursing like crazy and hoping its gone tonight. Ain't that the truth.

In other news I have found that Marcel loves Barley. This is so great because its healthy and easy and cheap, and he'll eat a whole bowl full with butter for dinner. To me that beats the alternative which is either bread or white rice...or worse. Anyways, Barley is so lovely with anything you would normally make with rice and a great way to mix things up. And it sort of feels gourmet or something, even though its historically peasant food. Its so easy to make - just boil it till its soft. I prefer pot barley over pearl because it is healthier and cheap and available in the bulk food section at superstore. Perhaps this is silly since you all probably know this. But its been news to me, so there you go. So. Barley for dinner. All week. (with Swiss chard, a fried egg and a dob of butter...)

and I'm done.

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