Thursday, January 29, 2009


Most people think of a garden as something you have to do outside. But there are ways to grow food inside (or on an apartment porch) if you know what you are doing. Container food gardening can be pretty productive, and a way to make a city existence closer to nature.

So. I'm in a funk. It feels like a February funk, except its still January. I hope it doesnt last till March. I keep thinking "I'm supposed to be on the beach right now!" (clinging to the lost trip to NZ idea...)

With Emery sick and the weather cold, I'm just not going anywhere. I baked another apple cake to try to console me, its yummy, but not quite enough to pull me out. (I used almond flour and its not sticking together so well, but tastes amazing!)

So, Mark let me out for a short walk sans bebe. That was cool. I felt a bit better after that.

I wish we could be doing this. Sure. It looks cold. But man I gotta get me some fresh air! I looked into clubs in Calgary for outdoor activities for families. No luck. Can you believe that? In a city this into into outdoor stuff, and this many clubs and more babies born than any other Canadian city....!?!? NO OUTDOOR CLUBS FOR FAMILIES??!?!?

So, we may have to figure something out ourselves. Perhaps a hike, a snow shoe rental, or cross country on a frozen golf course...I'll keep you posted.

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I love this painting too!